The video that started it all, "IT" was S&C's first big accomplishment. Over 3 days we re-created the artists favorite movies and then spent 2 months stitching it together. Was on many best video of the year list around the world back in 2011 and we've heard reports of it on TV from Japan to Argentina ever since.  Directed by Noah Pink.

"Brian Wilson is A.L.I.VE."
A video love letter to Brian Wilson, Rich's favourite musician, Noah Pink concocted a visual overview of his life, and won the first ever Prism Prize for this video, as well as playing a bunch of film festivals like LAFF 2013.
"Want To Believe"
This epic  teen adventure by Jason Eisener gives a nod to the X-files, The Goonies, and all our favourite nostalgia. Oh yeah and this definitely  pre-dates Stranger Things if you were wondering.